Configuring Pidgin to use http-bind (BOSH)

This page details configuring Pidgin to use an alternative connection method called http-bind or sometimes called BOSH. Instead of using a persistent tcp port connection (port 5222 or 5223), Pidgin will use http as the transport protocol for the Jabber messages. The advantage is that for places that have restrictive firewalls, port 443 (secure http) will often be open while port 5222/5223 is not.

Pidgin's (the chat client) and Openfire's (our chat server) support of BOSH connections is not as robust as the standard port 5222. This option should only be used as a last resort to network firewall issues.


  1. You should already have Pidgin configured for your account.
  2. From the "Buddy List" window, click on the "Accounts" menu and then to "Manage Accounts".
  3. Click on your account and click the "Modify" button. You should see a window like this:
  4. After clicking on the "Advanced" tab in the above window, you should change the settings in the following window to match:
    Set the BOSH URL to:
  5. Click "Save" and then try to enable your account to connect.

If you have any troubles, please let the NWSChat Admin Team know.

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