Install and Configure Adium for Amateur Radio Partners

Adium is the suggested and supported Instant Messaging (IM) and chat application for use on Apple Mac (TM) computers. Adium is a free program that can be downloaded and used at no cost from the internet.

The following instructions use examples for our Amateur Radio Partners. The instructions assume you have completed all the necessary steps in obtaining a valid NWSChat account and have the account name and password in your possession.

  1. Download and install Adium from this site (
  2. Accept all defaults as the program installs. Additional installation instructions can be found on the Adium site.
  3. Once installed, double-click the Adium icon. It will start and display the "Preferences:Accounts" dialog box.
  4. Click the "+" symbol in the lower-left hand corner to add your new NWSChat account. A new dialog box will open like the one below:

    Image depicting the addition of a NWSChat account in Adium
  5. Next, enter your username. In the example above, Will B. Safe, who is an emergency management partner, has entered his NWSChat userid in the username field, e.g.
  6. A suggested best practice is to not enter your password in the password field. Although you will have to enter your NWSChat password each time Adium starts, by leaving the password blank, you will increase the security of NWSChat.
  7. Click to place a checkmark in the "Connect when Adium opens" checkbox.
  8. Click the OK button and Adium will log you into the NWSChat service after a few seconds.
  9. The first time you log into Adium, you will be asked to accept the security certificate as in the image below:

    Image depicting the acceptance of a security certificate in Adium
    Click the "Continue" button to accept this security certificate and Adium will log you into NWSChat. This login could take as long as 15 or 20 seconds.
  10. Now a chatroom by clicking "File" and "Join Groupchat" to join your primary chat room.

    Image depicting joining a chat room in Adium
    The Account and Server fields will already be filled out. Enter the primary WFO chat room which you selected during the account request procedure. In the example above, dmxchat has been entered into the Chat Room Name field. Next, fill out the Handle field based upon your affilitation. For example, emergency management partners must use the following Handle naming convention: County or state abbreviation, followed by a "-", and then the position, station, or last name, e.g. jefferson-al-ops or jefferson-al-doe.
  11. Finally, click "Join" and you will enter your primary chat room.
  12. To have Adium remember this room the next time you log in, click "Contact" then "Add Group Chat Bookmark" as depicted below:

    Image depicting the bookmarking of a chatroom in Adium
    Click "Add" and the room will be added to your contacts list for easy access next time you start Adium.
  13. If you belong to more than one chat room, perform steps 10 through 12 for each room you wish to join.
  14. Setup of Adium is now complete.

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