Jeti is a chat client that downloads and runs on your computer. Jeti isn't quite as powerful as chat clients that are actually installed on your computer, e.g. Pidgin or Adium, but nonetheless, it can still be useful.

Jeti will download and start when you click on the "Launch Web-Based Jabber Client" in the Online Tools portion of this website. Jeti requires Java to be installed on your computer however most computers already have Java installed, but if you don't, you can download here.

  1. To start Jeti, enter the Online Tools portion of the website and click on "Launch Web-Based Jabber Client".
  2. After 10 or 20 seconds, Jeti will load with two windows opening. One of these windows is the login box which should already have your NWSChat username filled in along with other information. All you need to supply is your NWSChat password - leave everything else the same and click OK.
  3. The login window will close and two other windows will open. The first window will be the security message of the day. Read and close. The other window will be a chatting window called the "Lounge". Close this window as it is not used.
  4. To enter your office chat room, e.g. dmxchat, click on the "Jeti" button in the lower left-hand corner of the main Jeti Applet window.
  5. Then in the menu that opens, click on "Group Chat" -> "Join/Create" and a new window will open. You have two ways to enter your room, dmxchat for this example (enter your room name of course):
    1. Enter your "handle" in the "Nickname" field.
    2. Enter the room name in the "Room" field or
    3. Browse for the room name in the bottom part of the window, single click on the room name and then click the OK button.
  6. Your chat room will open. If needed, open another chat room by repeating steps 4 - 6.
  7. Make sure you expand the "typing area" of the chat room. In the bottom center of the chat window is the "Send" button. Right above there is a stippled area. Put your mouse pointer over that area and the cursor will change to a double arrow. Left-click, hold, and drag the pointer upwards until you have a small area for typing.
  8. When you are done, just close the two Jeti windows and you'll be logged off NWSChat.



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