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540 AM AKDT Sun May 14 2017

...Anchorage International Airport Climate Highlights for April

...4th Warmest April on Record...
...4th Warmest Monthly Low Temperature on Record...
...11th April on Record Without Measurable Snow...
...12th Highest Average April Snow Depth...
...20th Snowiest Snow Season...
...30th Wettest April on Record...

The total Period of Record includes 63 Aprils.


April 2017 was the 4th warmest April on record with an average
temperature of 40.4 degrees. This is 3.6 degrees above the normal
of 36.8 degrees.

This ends the streak of 4 consecutive months of below average

The average temperature in March 2017 was 19.2
degrees. Thus, there was a change of 21.2 degrees in average 
temperature between March 2017 and April 2017. This is the 3rd 
largest increase in average temperature between March and April on
record behind 24.1 degrees in 2007 and 21.7 degrees in 1995. It 
is also the 16th largest change in average temperature between 
consecutive months on record.

The average high in April 2017 was 48.9 degrees. The average low
was 31.8 degrees.

The top 5 warmest Aprils on record:

1) 43.5 degrees in 2016
2) 40.7 degrees in 2015
3) 40.6 degrees in 1993
4) 40.4 degrees in 2017
5) 40.3 degrees in 1995

The past 3 Aprils are all on the list of the top 5 warmest Aprils
on record.

26 days in April had above normal temperatures.
3 days in April had normal temperatures (within a half degree of
normal) on the 18th, 19th, and 29th.
1 day in April had a below normal temperature on the 16th.

The warmest high temperature for the month was 56 degrees on the
22nd. This is the 25th warmest monthly maximum high. The average
monthly maximum high is 55 degrees.

The coldest low temperature for the month was 26 degrees on the
3rd and the 19th. This was the 4th warmest monthly minimum low. 
The average monthly minimum low is 17.

The top 5 warmest monthly lows for April:

1) 29 degrees in 2016
2) 28 degrees in 1998...1969
4) 26 degrees in 2017...1995


April 2017 was the 30th wettest April on record, recording 0.40
inches of precipitation. The normal precipitation for the month is
0.47 inches. Most of the month's precipitation occurred on the
27th (0.22 inches) and the 28th (0.13 inches). The wettest day of
the month was the 27th.


A trace of snow was recorded on the 3rd...and was the only day 
with snow in April 2017. That makes April 2017 the 11th April on
record where no measurable snow fell during the month. This also
ended the streak of 4 consecutive months recording above average
monthly snowfall.

...Snow Season...

The snow season total snowfall to date is 82.4 inches, making snow
season 2016-2017 the 20th snowiest snow season on record, both to
date and overall. The snow season runs through June 30th.

...Snow Depth...

The average snow depth for April 2017 was 7.8 inches. That is the
12th highest average snow depth in April on record.

...April 2017 vs. April 2016...

Compared to last year April 2017 was colder and wetter.

40.4 degree average temperature in 2017 vs. 43.5 in 2016
0.40 inches total precipitation in 2017 vs. 0.02 in 2016
Trace of total snowfall in 2017 vs. None in 2016
Snow Season Totals: 82.4 inches in 2017 vs. 38.3 in 2016

...Daily Temperature Records Set in April 2017...

Type...........Date...New Record...Old Record (Year)

High Maximum...22nd...56 degrees...56 degrees (2016...2014)
High Minimum...23rd...40 degrees...39 degrees (1995...1989...1983)

This is the second daily high maximum record in 2017...and the
first high minimum record of the year. By the end of April
2016...20 high maximum records and 9 high minimum records had
already been set.

...Daily Precipitation Records Set in April 2017...

No daily precipitation nor snowfall records were set.

...Highlights for May 2017...

Average Temperature: 47.8 degrees
Average High: 56.0 degrees
Average Low: 39.6 degrees
Average Precipitation: 0.72 inches
Average Snowfall: 0.3 inches

Average last day with a low of 32 or less: May 7th
Latest 32 degree low on record: May 22, 1964

Beginning of the Month Daylight: 16 hours 16 minutes
1st Quarter Moon: May 2nd
17 Hours of Daylight: May 10th
Full Moon: May 10th
3rd Quarter Moon: May 18th
Sunrise Before 5 AM: May 20th
18 Hours of Daylight: May 22nd
Sunset After 11 PM: May 23rd
New Moon: May 25th
Memorial Day Holiday: May 29th
End of Month Daylight: 18 hours 42 minutes
Total Monthly Daylight Gain: 2 hours 26 minutes



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