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National Weather Service Portland OR
905 AM PST Wed Dec 13 2017

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From:Tyree Wilde
    Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Subject: Change in Issuance Frequency of Coastal Waters Forecast and 
Public Zone Forecast, effective January 22, 2018

Effective January 22, 2018, the NWS Weather Forecast Office (WFO) in 
Portland, Oregon will begin routinely issuing the Coastal Waters 
Forecast (CWF) and Public Zone Forecast(ZFP) twice per day instead 
of four times per day at the times listed below. These products will 
be updated more frequently as conditions warrant. The purpose of 
these changes is to allow additional time for meteorological 
analysis, communication of short-term weather impacts and the 
provision of Decision Support Services.

Coastal Waters Forecast(CWF) Issuance Times
3am PST/PDT or 1100/1000 UTC
3pm PST/PDT or 2300/2200 UTC

Public Zone Forecast (ZFP) Issuance Times
3am PST/PDT or 1100/1000 UTC
3pm PST/PDT or 2300/2200 UTC

Legend:PST - Pacific Standard Time
PDT - Pacific Daylight Savings Time
UTC - Universal Coordinated Time

If you have any questions or comments regarding these changes, 
please contact:

  Tyree Wilde
  Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  National Weather Service
  5241 NE 122nd Ave
  Portland OR 97230
  phone: 503-326-2340
  email: tyree.wilde@noaa.gov


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