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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Pittsburgh PA
542 PM EST Fri Feb 16 2018


Location...Uniontown in Fayette County western Pennsylvania
Estimated Time...643 PM EST
Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF1
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...105 mph
Maximum Path Width...0.25 miles
Path Length...2 miles
Beginning Lat/Lon...39.9087N / -79.727386W
Ending lat/Lon...39.90087N / -79.696107W
* Fatalities...0
* Injuries...0

* The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event(s) and publication in
NWS Storm Data.

The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh PA has confirmed a
tornado in Uniontown and North Union Township in Fayette County 
western Pennsylvania on 02/16/2018.

The tornado started near the intersection of Phillipi Avenue and 
Pittsburgh Street then traveled eastward for two miles before 
lifting near Kennedy Street. The worse damage was located between 
Monroe avenue and North Gallatin avenue where several buildings 
lost either part or their entire roof. A four level senior living 
building lost nearly half its roof. There was also numerous power 
lines down and a destroyed car port on North Gallatin Avenue. 
Several homes in the Greenpoint / Laurel estates area suffered 
damage to their roofs as well. The track just missed Laurel 
Highlands high school and continued just to the south of the 
school and lifted in the Woodview Terrace area. In that region, 
tree damage occurred. Through the entire path of the storm, 
hardwood trees were snapped or uprooted. Several pine trees were 
uprooted as well. 

This is the first confirmed tornado in the Pittsburgh area of
responsibility in February since 1950 when records commenced. This
is the 11th tornado to hit Fayette county since 1950 and the 3rd
EF1 tornado. This marks the third year in a row in Pennsylvania
with at least one February tornado:

2016: Lancaster and Bradford
2017: York, Luzerne, and Lackawanna
2018: Fayette

This information can also be found on our website at 
weather.gov/pittsburgh. Additional severe weather history can be
found at weather.gov/pittsburgh/torclimo

For reference: the Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes
into the following categories:

EF0...Wind speeds 65 to 85 mph
EF1...Wind speeds 86 to 110 mph
EF2...Wind speeds 111 to 135 mph
EF3...Wind speeds 136 to 165 mph
EF4...Wind speeds 166 to 200 mph
EF5...Wind speeds greater than 200 mph



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