2. NWSChat Account Setup

Access to the NWSChat system requires a valid account on the server. All users will have individual accounts. A valid account will consist of the users’ affiliation and full name (e.g. nws-joe.forecaster@nwschat.weather.gov, em-john.doe@nwschat.weather.gov, media-wendy.day@nwschat.weather.gov, or ham-john.doe@nwschat.weather.gov). Although users must have an individual account using their name, NWSChat allows users the ability to operate under a ‘handle’ while using the system*. Other chatroom users only see the ‘handle’ name, but the actual user named account is used for access and that information is maintained in internal (non-public) logs. This ensures individual accountability by the system while providing a level of anonymity, if the user chooses.

*Note: The displaying of a personal name while using NWSChat is entirely at the discretion of the individual and their office/organization. NWS employees cannot be mandated to use their names as any part of an account handle.

As an individual participant you are responsible for any activity that occurs under your account or user name. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any and all passwords used for access to NWSChat. Your password is for your use only and that you may not give your password to any other person or cause the password to be distributed to other person(s). NWS policy requires passwords to be 12 characters long with a validity of 180 days. If the password is not changed by the end of the 180 days, the system will lock you out. Reminder notices will be sent in advance to notify you of the end of the 180 day period.

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